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Potomac State College

Soft Skills for the Workplace (AFCS 491, BTEC 491, CIS 491, CJ 491)

Telephone Skills

Don't be a Kevin...Answer the Telephone Like a Pro!


  • Every workplace is different, so ASK your employer what to say when you answer the phone. (But you can't go wrong with the 3-part greeting: "Hello! You've reached XYZ Company, Virginia speaking.")
  • Answer the phone by the third ring and always use a polite tone of voice.
  • If the call is not for you, ask the caller's name and if you can place them on hold. ("May I ask who's calling? Can I place you on hold?") Always use the HOLD button.
  • When you take a message, write neatly and get the caller's name, company, and why they are calling.
  • Remember: when you answer the phone, YOU are the voice of the company. The impression you make on every caller is the impression they have of the company.

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