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Potomac State College

Soft Skills for the Workplace (AFCS 491, BTEC 491, CIS 491, CJ 491)

First Impression Quote

"For the first few weeks, every impression you make will be a first impression."
- Art Gelwicks,
Executive Consultant

undefined           What Are Soft Skills?

  • Soft skills are what employers expect you to bring to the job as far as Professionalism and People Skills, like having a positive attitude, being on time, wearing the appropriate clothes, and getting along with your co-workers.
  • You need the same soft skills everywhere, whether you're working on a construction site, at a small family business, on a farm or in a fancy office.
  • Employers' #1 complaint about new employees is lack of soft skills--Mastering soft skills will make you STAND OUT from other new employees.

This guide will show you how!