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Potomac State College

CIS 252 - Database Security

A guide for CIS 252 students working on database security papers. How to use Google Scholar and Academic Search Complete to research database security.

5 Things You Need To Know About Using Google Scholar

1. AND/OR/+/-

AND does not need to be specified in Google Scholar searches, it's implicitly automatically assumed.

OR has to be indicated by type OR between search terms.

Use the inclusion (+) operator to ensure only search terms that contain your given keyword are retrieved.

Use the exclusion (-) operator to ensure that search terms that contain the excluded keyword are not retrieved.

2. Exact word or phrase searching

Use double quotation marks ("") around a word to search for that exact word. Google Scholar will retrieve synonyms in some cases or words in other tenses (i.e. sever may also bring severe or severed). 

You can also use double quotation marks to tell Google Scholar to only search for exact phrases, such as "negative databases".

3. Advanced search

4. Backward Searching/Breadcrumbing

If you've found an article that you particularly like, a good way to find similar and related articles is to make use of the "Cited by" and "Related articles" links on the results page.

5. Connect your Google Scholar searches with the library

If you connect Google Scholar to your library, it will include Find It @ WVU links if WVU Libraries knows it has a copy via the Library Catalog.

To enable this feature, take the following steps:

1. Go to Settings (click the three bars by Google Scholar)

2. Click Library Links

3. Search for Potomac State College

4. Check the box beside "Potomac State College of WVU - Find It @ WVU"

5. Click Save

Now when you search, it will show Find It @ WVU links if the article is accessible to you through the college's webpage.