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BIOL 117 Research Guide: Citation Formatting

How to find primary and secondary sources and format citations for a lab report on plant nutrient deficiencies.

Formatting Citations in CSE

Your lab report's works cited page and in-text citations should be formatted using the CSE Name-Year system.

Citing journal articles

Format: Author(s). Date. Title of article. Title of journal. Volume(issue):page range.


Citing a journal article with one author

End Reference:

Stanhill G. 1958. Effects of soil moisture on the yield and quality of early turnips: I. Response to different sustained soil moisture regimes. Journal of Horticultural Science 33(2):108-118.


In-text citation:

(Stanhill 1958)

Citing a journal article with two authors.


End Reference:

Asare E, Scarisbrick DH. 1995. Rate of nitrogen and sulphur fertilizers on yield, yield components and seed quality of oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.). Field Crops Research 44(1):41-46.


In-text citation:

(Asare and Scarisbrick 2009)

Citing a journal article with three or more authors.


End Reference:

Lyons G, Genc Y, Soole K, Stangoulis JCR, Liu F, Graham RD. 2009. Selenium increases seed production in Brassica. Plant and Soil 318:73-80.


In-text citation:

(Lyons et al. 2009)

Citing books

Format: Author(s). Date. Title. Edition. Place of publication: publisher name.


Citing an entire book


End Reference:

Murphy B. 1998. Greener pastures on your side of the fence. 4th ed. Colchester (VT): Arriba Pub.


In-text citation:

(Murphy 1998)

Citing a single chapter from an edited volume


For this case, you would need to cite a little differently from citing the entire book.


End Reference:

Pang E, Cao H, Zhang B, Lin K. 2015. Crop genome annotation: a case study for the Brassica rapa genome. In: Wang X, Kole C, editors. The Brassica rapa genome. Berlin: Springer. p. 53-64.


In-text citation:

(Pang et al. 2015)

For more information on CSE format, check out Scientific Style and Format Citation Quick Guide, a short webpage by the publishers of Scientific Style and Format.

Help is available in the Library

Make writing your lab report easy with Zotero

What is Zotero?

Zotero is a free citation management software -- it works with our databases, Google Scholar, and much of the Web that you will use for your research papers and lab reports. You can use right in your browser as you look for primary and secondary sources.

Visit the Zotero webpage ( to install Zotero to your computer.

Why use Zotero?

  • Be organized - Keep all of your research and citations in one place
  • Save time - Never format a citation by hand again
  • It’s Free - Take your research library with you, even after you leave WVU

(modified from Humboldt State University’s Zotero LibGuide)


Do you need help with Zotero?


To Add CSE Style to Zotero

For even more tips with Zotero, check out the official ALA eBook: