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Potomac State College

Computer Information Systems (CIS) Subject Guide: Advanced Research

Subject guide for Potomac State College students in CIS 252, CIS 440, and CIS 489.

Resources for Women in Computer Technology

Advanced Research

This tab is for students who are looking for more in-depth sources or are in 200-level or higher CIS classes doing research projects.

Research Topics for Cyberethics

CIS 440 Cyberethics Topic Ideas

While it's possible to research ethical issues around almost any area of CIS just by adding "ethics" or "ethical issues" to the end of your search term, it's not always easy to figure a good starting point. Here is a list of some of the issues cyber ethics is dealing with.

Automated Driving, Blogging, Censored Search Engines, Content Filters, Cryptography and the Law, Cyberstalking, Data Mining, Digital Rights, Digital Self-Help, Disability/Accessibility, DMCA/Fair Use, Domain Name Abuses, Electronic Voting, Email Privacy, Export Restrictions, Facebook & Self-Identity, Facebook & Privacy, Gamer Gate, Genomic Data Mining, Google & Censorship, Griefing and SWATing, ISP Content Liability, Location-based Monitoring, MPAA/RIAA, NASA/PRISM, Plagiarism checkers/, Educational Surveillance (Respondus, Proctorio, etc.), Right to be Forgotten, SEO Abuse, Secure ID, Security Disclosure, Social Media & Employers, Software Quality, Spam, Targetted Advertising, Trolling, Virtual Property Rights, White-Hat Hacking, Wikipedia, Workplace Monitoring, Native Advertising, Online Anonymity

(List ideas from Kettering University Library)


ACM Digital Library

ACM Books Logos

ACM Digital Library

You may need to use your WVU username/password to login off-campus to ACM Digital Library.

The ACM DL is a vast collection of citations and full text from ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Journal and newsletter articles and conference proceedings. It provides bibliographic information, abstracts, reviews and full text articles on computer science and information technology. This includes an archive from the 1950's forward (where available).

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IEEE Xplore Digital Library

Covid-19 related research and technologies free to access in IEEE Xplore® -  IEEE Entrepreneurship

IEEE Xplore Digital Library

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The IEEE Xplore Digital Library provides a single source to almost a third of the world's current electrical engineering and computer science literature, granting unparalleled access to publications from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE) and the Institution of Electrical Engineers(IEE).

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Looking for eBooks?

eBooks can be a phenomenal resource for your research papers and projects. They can be useful for looking up background information, may contain useful articles, or might give useful information about software design. The following are all databases of eBooks.

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Access Engineering

Access Engineering Library

Access Engineering Library has nearly 20,000 books on computer science and computer engineering, including a wide range of current topics.

O'Reilly Safari Online Learning (Books, Video and More) | SCELC

O'Reilly Online Learning (formerly Safari)

O'Reilly Online Learning has many great training resources and tutorials for how to program in different languages and how to build applications. It also has case studies as well as interviews with programmers and tech leaders.

Logo SpringerLink

Springer eBooks

Springer eBooks includes nearly 20,000 books on a wide range of current topics in computer science and computer information systems. Make sure you click "Computer Science" to limit your results to computer science-related items and also uncheck "Include Preview-Only Content" to limit your results to items you have access to.