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Potomac State College

BIOL 298C- Honors Biology

Figuring out what to look up

It's a big world out there and the science of life is vast. It can be hard to narrow down topics sometimes. Starting with some background research is a really great way to begin.

I strongly encourage you to check Nature's Scitable Library which is a free resource which contains introductory information on many topics in the sciences, especially biology.

Scitable by Nature Education

Looking for articles? Start here

Are you looking for articles on ecology, environmental science, or wildlife biology?


The full-texts of high-impact bioscience research journals mostly published by small societies and non-commercial publishers. Focus is on the biological, ecological and environmental sciences.

Are you looking for articles on biomedical science or molecular biology?


sciencedirect logo 500x300jpg - Nichols College

Collection of authoritative, full-text scientific, technical and health publications in both journals and books. Includes access to multimedia features, such as video, audio and supplementary spreadsheet files.


Web of Science

Problems Connecting to Library Databases?

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