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ARHS 101 - Research Paper

Formatting a Works Cited page in MLA

For bibliographic or reference citations, the following information may prove helpful.

To cite a single-authored book in MLA:

Author's last name, Author's first name. Title of Book in Italics. Edition if needed, Publisher of book, Year of publication.

Reference citation:

Barr, Alfred. Picasso: Fifty Years of His Art. Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1980.

To cite a book with multiple authors in MLA:

It is the same as a book with one author, except you will list the other authors in order, with each author's last name first, then first initial.

Reference citation:

De Salvo, Donna, and Jessica Beck. Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again. Yale University Press, 2018.

To cite a journal article in MLA:

Author names. "Title of Article." Title of Journal, Volume, Issue, Year, pages.

Reference citation:

Gottlieb, Carla. "The Role of the Window in the Art of Matisse." The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, vol. 22, no. 4, pp. 393-423.

Dickens, Jenny, et al. "Keith Haring in Pisa and Melbourne: Controversy and conservation." Sudies in Conservation, vol. 61, no. 2, 2016, pp. 29-37.

To cite a webpage in MLA:

Author's last name, author's first name (if the page has an author). "Webpage title." Website name in italics, Date if known, Web address. Accessed date in Day Month Name Year.

Reference citation:

"Guernica: Testimony of War." Treasures of the World Accessed 7 May 2020.

McCully, M. "Pablo Picasso." Encyclopaedia Britannica, 4 Apr. 2020, Accessed 7 May 2020.

Phelan, Joseph. "Tragedy and Triumph at Arles: Van Gogh and Gauguin." Artcyclopedia, Nov. 2001, Accessed 7 May 2020.

If you are struggling with figuring out how to properly cite a source, PLEASE reach out to the librarians! We will be glad to help you.

Your Works Cited Page in MLA:

Your Works Cited page will be listed at the end of your report with the heading Works Cited centered, double-spaced, and each citation should have a hanging indent of 1/2".

You can download an example MLA Works Cited page that uses the citations from this page from the link below and you can also view a video on how to create a hanging indent in Microsoft Word.
Example MLA Works Cited Page - Download from link below